3-Stall Combination Restroom & Shower Trailer

The 3-Stall Combo Mobile Shower Trailer ensures levels of comfort that are typically reserved for an in-home bathroom. This shower trailer features three private bathroom stalls each complete with a toilet and shower, amble dressing space, hot and cold running water and in-room heat and air conditioning.

The trailer set-up requires four standard 110v outlets on separate 20-amp circuits and a garden hose for the water supply. Shower trailers can also be hooked directly into a sewer line for continuous use (or serviced by a waste-holding tank) and if no running water is available we can fill the 300-gallon water tank to provide a self-contained shower unit.

This combination restroom and portable shower stall can provide relief in disaster zones, be a comfortable place to wash off yesterday’s fun at a music festival or add a touch of civilization to remote construction sites in Ohio and surrounding states.

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