Short Term vs. Long Term Rentals

No matter if you need a shower or restroom trailer rental for a day, a week, or a few months, we can help. Generally, our customers know the length of time they’ll need a shower or restroom trailer, but may have questions on the size or type of trailer they need and what sort of service is required for the type of rental needed.

Here is a brief overview:

Short Term Rentals

We define “short term” as a week or less. Generally, the type of events that require a short term rental are weddings, church or sports camps, or events like festivals or fairs.

We always drop off portable toilet & shower rentals the day before the event starts. For a one day event, like a wedding, we pick up the rental the next business day. For an event like a fair, we service the trailer once per day, before the event or grounds open for the day. Then we pick up the units the day after the event is over.

Whatever your short-term event entails, we deliver your units clean, in great condition and keep them that way throughout your event.

Long Term Rentals

We define “long term” as a month or more. Generally, these types of rentals are needed for remodels or construction sites. We usually require a minimum agreement for the rental, which both secures great pricing for our clients as well as ensures the units are well-maintained throughout the length of the contract.

Often, a company or job site’s current janitorial staff will clean the interior of the trailer as they would their indoor restrooms, and if there is approved sewer access, we may not need to directly service or dump the units during the rental period (though that is always an option should you so choose). If we do maintain the units, we come once a week to service the unit.

What to Expect When You Call

Most of the time, our customers know exactly how long they’ll need our rentals. What is less likely known is if there is access to power, water and approved sewer on site. Not to worry, we are happy to help make arrangements if there is not, though access to these elements certainly makes the process run a little more smoothly and requires less service time.

We can also help determine the size and number of units needed, as well as the frequency of service, depending on foot traffic. Our friendly and helpful representatives are on call to help you with your rental today. Call or contact us to get a quote!