Highrise Construction Toilet

The Highrise portable toilet was designed exclusively for high rise construction sites and offers a unique set of features. This rugged porta potty can go from semi- to fully-private with the addition of a removable roof. Ohio Construction crews rave about the highrise because it goes places no other portable restroom has ever gone before. Designed with sealed casters and greased bearings, the highrise can be easily moved through halls and doorways so it can be placed where workers need it most.

What Makes the Highrise Construction Toilet Different? 

  • Fully- and semi-private options
  • Internal, private urinal
  • Fits through door openings
  • Fits on freight elevators
  • Sealed casters
  • Non-slip grip tape on the floor
  • Optional lift kit for crane attachment
  • Galvanized edges & corners to protect against the environment

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